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Chromating Conversion Coating

Chromating is used to chemically oxidise the surface of the aluminium product. This results in a thin oxide layer, what is referred to as a conversion layer, which offers protection. During the chromating, which is also referred to as alodining, a surface layer results which varies in colour from white to gold/brown iridescent. Chromating is often applied as a coating pre-treatment as it provides high-quality adhesion and excellent protection against corrosion. Moreover, it is often prescribed locally for facings or for electrical conductivity. Surface Treatment can chromate your products using alodine 600, 1200, 1500 and Surtec 650. Surtec 650 is an alternative for alodine products which comply with the RoHS Directive.

• Electrical conducting coating.
• Effective protection against oxidation in the case of products applied internally in machines.
• As a result of the excellent adhesive characteristics, chromating is a suitable pre-treatment for further coating processes.
• Chromating has hardly any negative consequences for dimensions.

Aircraft building, aerospace industry, automotive, electrical engineering, etc.

MIL-C-5541, Class 1A or 3
Class 1A is applied for improving the adhesion of coatings and/or as the best resistance to corrosion.
Class 3 is applied if improved electrical conduction is required.

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